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Law Enforcement

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The IPD900R has been chosen as the standard issue rifle light for the Israeli national police. This tactical gun light produces a narrow focused 900lm beam for optimal visibility and accuracy. The IPD900R kit includes a flashlight mount combined with a folding grip fitted for a tactical gun rail, as well as 2 additional sets of switches - a tail switch and a remote pressure pad switch for gun mounting.


Watchdog was designed specifically for police forces use :

it produces a very long range spot beam pattern for long range searching, combined with a secondary type beam via a ring of RGB colors & white light placed around the light head  for use as a signaling light.


a miniature illumination device that combines both a powerful white floodlight as well as color and color-combination strobing more

X10000 Destroyer 

X10000 Destroyer  is the most powerful portable searchlight made today . Its fan cooled light head produces near 10000 lumen of a spot  light beam reaching a tactical visual range of 800m

It is offered also in white light to invisible IR version

In strobe light mode it will act as a non lethal weapon  and can be used in road blocks to stop coming traffic,

Rigid structure, IP67 and a long run time at full power , makes the  Destroyer a favorite among border patrol and elite forces world wide.

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X1000R heavy duty flashlight

The x1000r Heavy Duty Flashlight is the perfect tool for police use . This powerful flashlight features a rigid, heavy duty structure and single hand focusable beam of up to 1000lm. It is also rechargeable and includes a car/wall mount for easy mounting. With up to 4.5 hours of operation, the x1000r is a reliable and durable choice for any police mission.

Huntsman XLT

The Huntsman XLT  produces a very narrow and long throw beam of light.

Considering XLT's small dimensions both of body and light head , the range of the beam is amazing. a reflection from a white wall had been measured at over 650M

IR version is also offered for undercover missions and various attachments are offered enabling the devise to be attached as a source of light for long range surveillance  equipment .

Law enforcement

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