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Gun Light

The IPD900 gun light is a rifle-mounted tactical light designed for optimal target acquisition in any environment. It produces a powerful spot type light beam and is dust and water proof, providing superior performance and durability, making it the preferred choice of the Israeli military. Its rugged design and advanced features make the IPD900 an excellent choice for any tactical situation.

General specifications:

  • 900+ lumen maximum output.

  • Up to 1.5 hours of continues operation on a single charge.

  • Power modes, strobe options and modes of operation (momentary /Constant), are controlled via a single switch. 

  • Remote PTL  switch pad

  • IPX – 6

  • Weight (no batt) 125 gr.

  • Lengths: 152 mm   body diameter: 25.4 mm  head diameter:  28mm

  • Drop and shock tested for mil standards.

  • LED Type: Cree xpl - HI

  • Smart controlled charging via AC 

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The X1000D is the standard issue Israeli military "tracks tracing flashlight", used around Israel's border line for tracing infiltrators and their foot prints. This flashlight offers an even flood to spot beam via  advanced focus  lens and  a run time of up to 14 hours at 1000lm output. It is mil-std 810F certified, making it the perfect choice for border patrol.  With its waterproof and shock-resistant design, the X1000D is the ideal tool for the mission. 

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Tac-lights designed and produced tripod masts, are lightweight and rigid.

They are fiberglass and/ or carbon made. These masts can be stabilized and balanced on any pavement in all weather conditions.

Our mast can be extended to height of 4.5- 6M. with a top load of 15 Kg.


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"Tarantula" is a modular back carry system designed for heavy to very heavy multi shaped loads .

The light aluminum "mole" frame structure enables the rapid attachment of
ratcheting straps and/ or pouches on the entire surface of the frame, providing
fully adjustable mounting for any weapon regardless of shape or structure.

  • Super heavy-duty (Tested for loads exceeding 70 kg).

  • Fully adjustable, ergonomically designed back and hip padded harnessing system.

  • Material: Aerospace aluminum,

  • textile military-grade Cordura 1000D.

  • Weight: 4 kg.


X10K Destroyer

a portable


X10000 Destroyer  is the most powerful portable searchlight made today . Its fan cooled light head produces near 10000 lumen of a spot  light beam reaching a tactical visual range of 800m

It is offered also in white light to invisible IR version

In strobe light mode it will act as a non lethal weapon  and can be used in road blocks to stop coming traffic,

Rigid structure, IP67 and a long run time at full power , makes the  Destroyer a favorite among border patrol and elite forces world wide.

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Personal marker light with non visible I.R. option.

Under development. to be available Feb 24

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