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The Spider – a line of manually portable, rapid deployment, all-terrain, multi mission lighting kits

Developed and produced in Israel, These light kits were specifically designed for use in rescue operations in areas of mass destruction and are the only systems that can be balanced on top of wreckage of collapsed structures.

a modular design enables maximum  adjustment of system and components for use in such diversified and complex rescue missions

"spider" systems are offered in AC ,DC and  multi current  AC+DC and will output 18000-76000 lumen

20221123_161305 (2).jpg

Forces identification light

SF1-C is a highly visible compact personal identification light which is designed to mark deferent forces and objects  on an emergency site .

It is offered in various colors & color combinations.


ערכת הנפת ביטון 2.jpg


A Concrete Lifting Kit

The Concrete Plates Lifting Tool Kit is a unique method for use in mass destruction emergency scenes. It includes an array of tools specially designed to lift and raise heavy concrete plates, allowing for quick and efficient search and rescue operations. The kit is lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for emergency personnel in the field. It is also highly durable and resistant to corrosion, ensuring that it can be used in the most extreme conditions.


first intervention tool kit

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מנשא מודולארי למשקלים כבדים מדגם2.jpg

The lightweight aluminum "mole" frame structure enables the rapid attachment of ratcheting straps and/ or pouches on the entire surface of the frame, providing fully adjustable mounting for any tool or equipment regardless of shape or structure

Super heavy-duty (Tested for loads exceeding 70 kg).
Fully adjustable, ergonomically designed back and hip padded harnessing system.
Material: Aerospace aluminum, textile military-grade Cordura 1000D.
Weight: 4 kg

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