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TAC-LIGHTS XR1000R Crew Service Searchlight Kit

High Output CREE LED w/up to 4.5hrs of continuous full power operation

TAC-LIGHTS XR1000R is a powerhouse, ready to outlast you during any search or rescue operation where power and longevity are key. 


With up to 4.5 hours of continuous full power runtime on a single charge and an easily changed rechargeable 9000MAh battery pack, you can search the night, all night long, in any environment.

XR1000R is engineered and built to exceed Israel Police standards and is in use with Israeli Bomb Disposal Teams, Israel Police and Israel Border Police.   

XR1000R uses virtually indestructible advanced optics with a dual optical lens, forming a perfectly round beam for optimal visual performance. Depending on your needs on the fly, TAC-LIGHTS XR1000R has an ergonomic, single hand focusable head for close range wide beam and long range focused beam applications.

With 3 operational modes, including momentary on, constant on and strobe, the XR1000R can be used in any tactical application.


With IPX - 4 water protection and O-ring sealed with a mil-spec hard anodized finish, the XR1000R is ready for any environment.  

The TAC-LIGHT XR1000R has a tailcap magnetic charger and battery status meter and comes standard with a vehicle/wall mount for easy and secure on the go storage. Originally designed for the Israel police to provide Israeli law enforcement with a medium sized, high power searchlight they can depend on.

The included belt sling ensures that you can quickly and easily secure and remove the light even in the dark. 

Charging options are plentiful and included with the XR1000R Kit, using either the vehicle auxiliary power adaptor, the USB/AC wall power plug, or direct into your vehicle USB port. 


TAC-LIGHTS XR1000R is always ready to lead into the night.

Included with TAC-LIGHTS XR1000R


  • Searchlight

  • One 9000 MAh rechargeable battery pack

  • Wall / Vehicle mount with mounting screws

  • Belt sling

  • AC wall power charger

  • DC vehicle auxiliary charger (USB) 

  • USB magnetic connector for easy charging and rapid deployment 

  • Spare O-ring

  • Hard shell, soft padded, custom cut carrying case


Key Features:

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