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X10K Destroyer was nominated " The Standard Issue Crew, High Intensity Light" of the Israeli national police.


X10K Destroyer as used by border patrol of the  IDF 


X10K Destroyer power modes are controlled via a single switch.

Dimentions: 90mm(Bezel)*50mm(Body/Tail cap)*307mm(Length)Weight: 1.7KG (With light output 490000CD

Beam Intensity near 10000 Lm
Beam Distance (NFL STD) 1400 m
Run time: High:  -                  1.4 hours
                 Medium: 4200lm   2.5 hrs.

                 Low:          950 lm 12.3 Hrs

פנס לוט ר  והפס ד   עם מתקן עיגון לרכב .jpg

A rigid car / wall mount is part of X10K Destroyer standard kit.

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